Build for customers, with customers

Betafi makes it easy to capture and make sense of customer feedback sessions so you build products your customers will love.
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Great products are built from great conversations

Focus on your customers, not notes

Spend time talking about your idea and prototype, and savor the ‘aha’ moments.

Gather product feedback in the right context

Get your participants to experience your mobile prototype on mobile, not desktop.

Focus on uncovering insights to build right

Identify and build themes across sessions to share insights in the voice of customer.

Betafi works together with your favorite tools

So you bring customer feedback into your product development process

From Idea Discovery to Prototype Testing

Betafi is your partner in co-creating with customers


User Interviews

Meet your participants, takes notes and capture aha moments to identify meaningful insights that drive product roadmap.


Usability Testing

Test your design prototypes in the right context (mobile/desktop) and get usability analytics to iterate and build great products.

Test the user product

Empowering everyone to build

Magical products


UX Researchers

Experience the joy of research as you can quickly synthesize insights as they emerge and share them with the product team.

Product Designers

Get feedback on your design prototypes with an optimal set-up and get product analytics after research is done.

Founders & PMs

Get faster to your Product-Market-Fit as you can quickly test, gather feedback and iterate on your ideas.


Implement high-performing campaigns and go-to-market strategy by testing your messages, themes and layout before spending $$$s.

Wait, there is more?

Wait, there is more?

Clip videos to
share key highlights
Drag-n-drop insights onto a Kanban to organize key themes
Take notes inline
with your questions
Automated transcription
in 30+ languages
Enjoy the goodness
of Betafi within Zoom
Product analytics on
Figma/XD prototypes
See patterns across sessions at an aggregated level

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Join the tribe who love to build with, for customers.

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