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Why spend months solving design flaws in production when you could have discovered them at the concept stage?

Betafi is the one-stop platform for early product research.

We help your team recruit testers, validate your designs and synthesize findings in one place.

70% Reduction in Time Spent on Logistics

70% Reduction in Time Spent on Logistics
  • Effortless scheduling
  • Automated transcription in 30+ languages & dialects
  • Integrated translation workflows

2 Hours to Find the Right Testers

2 Hours to Find the Right Testers
  • Segmented audience by the demographics that represent your target customers
  • Powerful filtering capabilities that let you think in terms of Personas

Your One-Stop Research Hub

Your One-Stop Research Hub
  • Full video recordings of screen flows and the participant's feed
  • Timestamped notes and annotations

What makes the Betafi platform different?

Remote Interviews made Easy

  • A new video tool perfect for moderated research.
  • Push it real good: Test across multiple UI flows in a single session.
  • Capture the aha moments right as they happen with integrated timestamped notes.
  • Chat with your research team in realtime.

Note-taking Without All the Fuss

  • Automated Transcripts generated right after the interview.
  • Transcribe interviews in 30+ languages & dialects on our platform.
  • Highlight relevant sections for further deep dives with your team.

Because you Need the Right People for Effective Research

  • No-fuss Scheduling
  • Select the type of testers that best represent your customers.
  • Segment by demographics, work experience & device usage.
  • Manage your incentive payments effortlessly.

Your One-stop Research Hub for Synthesis

  • Video files and transcripts available right after the session.
  • Automated reports with insights into clicks, scrolls, & session timing through UI flows.
  • Meta-insights surfaced across sessions and studies.

Research should be accessible for your whole team

  • Reduce the time spent on logistics by 70%, freeing up your team to do more impactful research
  • Build a research hub & cross-reference insights across studies
  • Democratize research within your organization with templates and shared best practices
  • Don't guess: talk to customers that actually represent your target audience
  • Access to insights across studies on Betafi's research hub
  • Quick research turnaround to validate your findings: hours, not weeks
  • Say goodbye to logistics headaches: automated scheduling, transcription and note taking
  • Video tool that recreates the in-person experience
  • Organize your research & collaborate with the entire research and product team on one platform
  • Hyper-segmentation & screeners to ensure you're reaching the right audience
  • Save the logistic hurdles and get your research findings in a matter of hours
  • Templates for interviews & note taking to get you started
  • Seamless integration with Figma (or any other prototyping tool with URL previews): get individual feedback on each screen and UI flow
Import Prototypes from Figma or Web with a link
"Talking to customers was such a waste of time."
~No one, ever.
"The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable."
~Blake Ross, Co-creator of Mozilla Firefox
"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design."
~Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO, Jaguar Land Rover
"To find ideas, find problems. To find problems, talk to people."
~Julie Zhou, designer and author
"Supposing is good, but finding out is better."
~Mark Twain

About Us

We are two product nerds who believe that the best user experiences emerge from talking to customers early and often.
But after speaking with hundreds of design teams around the world, we also understand that it's incredibly difficult and time consuming to integrate user research into fast-paced product lifecycles, so we are building Betafi to change the state of the art.
Read More About our Philosophy & Ongoing Developments on the Betafi Blog

The Betafi Team

Arjun Arora, CEO & Cofounder

Arjun Arora, Betafi CEO & Cofounder

Recovering Product Lead, in a former life conceived and launched GOMO at Singtel.

Fun Fact: Once fell from a two-storey building and escaped with a minor ankle fracture.

Arjun LinkedIn☕ Chat

Ethan Sherbondy, CTO & Cofounder

Ethan Sherbondy, Betafi CTO & Cofounder

Recovering Software Engineer, built product at Stripe, Formlabs, Apple, and some scrappy startups.

Fun Fact: in university he managed to put beehives on the student center roof, among other places.

Ethan LinkedIn☕️ Chat


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