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Betafi makes it easy to capture, synthesize, and share ‘aha’ moments from user conversations.

Sprinkling the magic of Betafi on your favorite tools

Use the Betafi Google Meet integration to level up your live User Interview note-taking process.Use the Betafi Zoom integration to level up your live User Interview note-taking process.Use the Betafi Miro integration to bulk export your Notes and Clips, pre-grouped into Frames by ThemeUse Betafi with Figma Prototype for Usability TestingUse Betafi with Adobe XD Prototype for Usability Testing

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Get answers from your user interviews, faster

Betafi helps you move swiftly from gathering user feedback to making sense of it - by bringing it all on one platform.
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Never miss anything important during the conversation

Stay organized with interview script questions

Capture `aha` moments and instant tags with one click

Dive straight in to identify patterns right after your calls

Export Notes to Miro or CSV with one click

Clip videos to share insights in the voice of customer

Filter your notes across conversations to quickly find your answers

Uncover usability issues before it’s too late

Betafi makes it easy for you to understand how users perceive your product, the way they use it, where they struggle.
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Test in context on the target device

Note down usability issues as they arise

Delight participants with a structured, immersive experience

Identify issues faster with rich, annotated recordings

Usability stats surface key metrics at a glance

Use clips to share moments of joy or struggle with the team

Review usability stats to quickly spot the flaws in your prototypes

Loved by teams who believe

You ≠ User

Quickly go from conversations to action with Betafi

Share key highlights with your team and expedite your synthesis by exporting notes and clips to Miro/CSV

Empowering everyone to build

Magical products


UX Researchers

Manage your end-to-end research process right from set-up to doing calls to synthesis - all on Betafi

Filter your notes across questions, tags and participants to quickly identify common patterns

Export all your notes from Betafi to Miro with a single click

Product Designers

Get your participants to test your mobile prototypes in the right context.

Test multiple Figma / XD prototypes to compare different designs and workflows.

Using the interactive usability dashboard, compare different metrics across tasks and participants.

Founders & PMs

Transform your Zoom call into a research den and ensure you never miss an 'Aha' moment.

Take notes and bring in your interview questions within the Zoom call so you can focus on the user.

Bring your team closer to your users by sharing video clips of key insights captured during user conversations.


Test your landing page and campaign messaging and design before spending any marketing dollars.

Bring your persona questionnaire, take notes to answer each question, and then analyze your calls - all on Betafi.

Share video clips of key highlights with your team to drive alignment.

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SOC 2 Type II Compliant.

Your data security is our top priority. We adhere to industry best-practices to ensure your information is well-protected. We have received our SOC 2 Type II report demonstrating that Betafi has the appropriate controls in place to mitigate risks related to security, availability, and confidentiality.”

Ethan Sherbondy

CTO, Co-Founder

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