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FigJam, meet Betafi

Your Feedback Call Sidekick

Drag & drop notes and video clips from feedback sessions directly into your FigJam board to easily brainstorm and jam — without being a master juggler.

Betafi for FigJam: Simplify User Research and Streamline Collaboration

From Figma to FigJam

Test your Figma prototypes on Betafi to uncover usability issues. Then import user feedback to FigJam and collaborate with your team to fix design flaws.

From Interviewing Users to FigJamming with Team

Whether you use Zoom or Google Meet (coming soon), use Betafi to capture the ‘aha moments’ and then import them to FigJam to review with the team.

From an Hour-long conversation to bringing key moments to FigJam

Upload feedback calls on Betafi. Get an automatic transcript. Clip the most impactful moments and bring them to FigJam.

Continue design discussions without moving out of FigJam

Bring user feedback to where designers (Fig)Jam

Betafi helped us go back and look at all of our customer interviews to distill out key insights and refresh our memory....helped both me and my co-founder talk to each other, record, and figure out the areas where we are taking too long to give the answer.
Rishabh Srivastava, CEO & Co-founder of
Betafi is helping me cut down 2-3 days of unnecessary busy work for my research projects.
Arnab Bose, Strategist, Plum Insights & Strategy
With Interview Scripts built in, Betafi removed the friction of asking questions during a User Interview.
Ivy Hayler, Product Designer & UX Researcher at ADDX

Reduce 50% of the manual work in your feedback process even before you start to Jam

Instant Tags

Quickly bookmark feedback as it emerges during the conversation using pre-defined tags with the click of a button.

Interview Questions and Structured Note-Taking

Bring your interview guide into the feedback call and take notes for each question.

Transcript & Translation

Get an automatic transcript in 30+ languages, then translate the transcript to your native languages.

Find patterns across feedback calls

Filter your notes by tags to identify common patterns across calls.

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Transform your FigJam board into a rich repository of user insights - with Betafi

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