Transcend Language Barriers with Betafi to Build truly Global Products

Whether your user shares their pain points in Bahasa, feature ideas in Spanish, or switches between Hindi and English, Betafi helps you translate the conversation.

Automatic Transcription and Translation to reduce busywork for you

Transcribe conversations in 30+ languages to build truly global products

You can chose the language while scheduling your session, and get an automated transcript in English, Hindi, Bahasa, Spanish and others.

Translate the conversation to over 130+ languages

With Betafi, you can conduct the interview in the language that your participant is comfortable in, and then post-call translate it to English or any language that you are more comfortable with.

The conversation jumps between multiple languages, we got you too!

We understand that the best user feedback calls can move between Hindi and English. Betafi already supports ‘Hinglish’ as a transcription option and we are looking to add more.

Feedback works best when users feel comfortable sharing it in their language

Gather feedback in the user’s language, not just yours

Whether you are building for a global audience or regional users, let users share feedback in their native language, and then you can easily translate using Betafi.

Share local insights with your HQ team, just as they were said

Help your central team understand the unique needs of local users by sharing insights in the native language. And then Betafi will help the HQ team translate the insights into English.

Bid goodbye to translation woes with Betafi

Check out the languages we support

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Transform the way you gather feedback with Betafi

User Interviews on Betafi

Streamline your user interviews as you can easily take timestamped notes within interview questions and mark important moments of your call with 1-click.
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Usability Testing on Betafi

Test multiple Figma/XD prototypes, apps, and live websites to get analytics and quickly uncover usability issues before your users.
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User Interviews on Zoom

Transform your Zoom calls into a research den with Betafi as you can easily capture, review, and share ‘aha’ moments of your call - without leaving the Zoom interface.
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Whether you are validating your ideas or designs, do not let language barriers hold you back.

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