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June 8, 2021

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Wow, it's been a couple of months since our last update, we have been busy building the #1 feature request from the community, and are delighted to share we have now enabled usability testing on mobile.

A whole new mobile usability testing experience

Thanks for hanging in there! We heard you. Capturing the participant feed and screen recording in a remote context can be challenging, so we built Betafi's mobile participant app to make conducting mobile testing remotely a smooth ride.

The experience starts on the desktop, and when it's time, the participant can scan a QR code and continue the experience on mobile. It's that simple. Take a look for yourself!

How to get started using this feature today?

Check the "Is this a mobile project?" box when setting up a new project that includes a link or prototype URL.

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Other things we have been working on:

  • You can now use your Google account to sign up for Betafi, and if you opt-in, we will auto-sync your upcoming sessions with your Google Calendar.
  • Screen sharing for participants on desktop is now supported even if an experience isn't actively being shared by the moderator.

What's brewing

We've been doing lots of usability testing of the Betafi platform itself, and are actively working on rolling out a revamped visual design & numerous improvements to the core onboarding, project creation, and session flows.

P.S. We are hiring a Founding Designer to join our team and lead the future design direction of Betafi platform! If you or someone you know is interested, please forward this Job Posting: Betafi Founding Designer (Employee #1)

Looking for something to read?

What might the future of user research tools look like? The folks at A16Z have been thinking about this space: The Market for User Research Platforms.

How Superhuman built an engine to PMF

Interesting post on Microcopy and its importance for design: Microcopy: an essential guide to becoming a more literate designer

If you're looking to do a research project on mobile in the next month, give Betafi a try, and we would love to hear feedback!

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