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February 17, 2021

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Welcome to the first biweekly "What's New" update from Betafi. Here we'll be covering notable new features, bugfixes, and improvements in a quick format so you can stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest.

New Feature Highlights from early Feb:

  • Interview Scripts can now be included when you setup a project. This allows your team to "check-off" interview questions during a live session as the moderator or note-taker. Then the recording will be automatically annotated with headings for each question alongside the transcript and notes. This makes it super easy to recall and summarize what happened during a session at-a-glance.
  • Our Adobe XD Integration is now live! Figma can't have all the fun. We've heard that several of you are avid Adobe XD users, so now when you provide an Adobe XD prototype URL when setting up a project, we'll automatically fetch the screens in the prototype and let you pick which ones you want to use as start screens during a live usability session on Betafi. No more fumbling with hot-spots to reset your prototype nav during a session!
  • Email Notifications for Mentions: now when a colleague @mentions you in a note or chat on Betafi, you'll get an email notification linking you right to the relevant content.
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  • Mobile Dashboard Layout: we now have a basic mobile dashboard layout, so if you visit the Betafi Dashboard from your phone, it will be much less of an eyesore.
  • Re-fetch Prototypes: if you included a Figma prototype in a project in the past, but you've since made edits to the prototype, you can now explicitly re-fetch the latest version of the prototype with a handy button on the Edit Project page.
  • Improved screen sharing workflow: we now show a nice animation to the participant and moderator when they first initiate a screen share, to help walk you through the process. More improvements to the screensharing workflow coming soon!
  • Improved audio & video settings panel during a live Session: if you need to change your camera/audio settings during a live session, this should be much more straightforward now.

What's Next:

  • Rapid Synthesis & Insights functionality: we have a lot planned here and would love to share it with you. Want to discuss your ideal synthesis workflow with us and try a prototype of the feature? Schedule a call with us!
  • Clips: easily extract video clips to share with colleagues without dedicated video editing software.
  • Lots and lots of UX polish around scheduling, the session recording page, and more!

Take the new features for a spin, and let us know what you think!

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