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November 24, 2021

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Hey folks, we are back again to update what we have been up to! It's been a busy month with our new product team's velocity increasing, and we have made big changes to the post session experience.

So, what's new in the world of Betafi since we last caught up?

All-new post session experience:

  • Summary to have an overview of what transpired during the session at one glance.
  • Design refresh: your transcripts will be conveniently grouped by the corresponding interview script questions. Tagging themes and favoriting notes is also a lot more discoverable.
  • Editable transcripts are now generally available
  • Most importantly, you can also @mention your colleagues on specific notes and collaborate as you pick out key insights from the sessions.

New Kanban board to categorize your insights into themes:

We know that you take a lot of notes during the call. We know that you add even more notes once the call is complete, but insights are easier to action when categorized. We have a added a Kanban board capability within the post session flow to organize your insights:

  • You have the ability to create new categories on-the-fly
  • Simply drag and drop notes into categories that best fit your need
  • The same note can also reside in multiple categories if you like to group them along multiple axes.

Share post session insights with a public link:

So you have done the session, taken notes, tagged and categorized those notes. It's natural to want to share these with your team. There is now a public sharing feature, where you can share insights from the call.

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Bug fixes/Other improvements:

  • One of the most requested feature was to allow the moderator to share their screen during the call, we heard you and also rolled out the moderator screen share capability.
  • You can add notes right after the call at the current timestamp, while you are still waiting for the transcript to load.
  • Improved Figma prototype integration to better handle larger prototype files and reliably sort by start screen across session setup and the live session experience.

What's brewing:

  • We are working on a design uplift of the live session experience centered around making the participant side of things more engaging and allowing for more effortless annotations of questions and note-taking in parallel. We are also introducing new features that will make the live video experience on Betafi a delight
  • We are also working to improve the first-use onboarding experience

We are in the prototyping stage of some of these features, and if you want to help give feedback on some of our design mocks or on any other parts of the product do book a session here to help shape the future of Betafi.

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