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September 19, 2022

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Betafi’s first launch week is here

When we started Betafi, the goal was simple, to democratize User research. We wanted to make it easy to do user research so that everyone from a stealth mode founder to a small research team to big enterprises could test their ideas and designs without any hassles.

After over a year of building Betafi, we are excited to share that we are opening the Beta on 21st September on Product Hunt. Starting today, we kick-start our launch week where every day we will share one cool feature with you that helps make the user research process joyful.

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Uncover Usability issues before it’s too late

Day 1: Experience the silky, smooth usability testing experience on Betafi

We want to start by showcasing how we are trying to transform the usability testing experience so it is easier for you to uncover usability issues. 

With Betafi, you can test your Figma/XD design prototypes or live websites, take notes and connect with your participant - all on one platform. Post-session, review the annotated video, automated transcript, and usability analytics to compare different designs and workflows and identify usability issues.

Day 2: Usability testing for Mobile prototypes and apps

Today, we share how mobile usability testing will never feel the same for you. Betafi makes it easy for you to test your mobile prototypes and apps in the right context i.e. on a participant's phone just like a live app. You get a video of their screen and expressions and can take notes on 1 interface. And also get the annotated video, automated transcript, and usability analytics post session. 

Day 3: Usability Dashboard to compare metrics across participants

Betafi's interactive usability analytics dashboard helps you easily compare metrics like completion rate, time taken, and the number of clicks across tasks and participants, so you can quickly identify usability issues with your designs and workflows.

No more ALT-TABBing during your feedback calls

Day 4: Interview questions and timestamped notes in one place

During your user conversations, we want you to focus on your user and not have to switch between Notion or Docs to take notes or look for your questions. 

With Betafi, you can take notes and bring in your interview questions on one platform, so you can fully immerse yourself in the conversation. All your notes are timestamped, so it's easy to refer to what the user said after the call.

Day 5: Never miss an 'Aha' moment again

During the call, if you missed noting the ‘Aha’ moment we don’t want you to spend hours re-watching recordings to spot it. 

With Betafi, you can capture 'Aha' moments of your call with 1 click. It's that simple. You can also add more context to it with our instant tags feature. Post-call, you can replay the 'Aha' moment to recall the story behind it and share it with your team too.

Day 6: Get answers from user conversations, faster

As you do more user interviews, the notes you have taken start to balloon. It's extremely time-consuming to go through all your notes to find the most important ones. 

Betafi makes it easy to filter your notes across participants and quickly find the ones that matter. You can also group your notes across questions or tags to spot the common thread between your notes.

Day 7: Insights create impact when shared in the voice of the customer

We all know that ‘cool’ insights work best when shared in the voice of the customer.

With Betafi, you can create video clips to share important insights to bring your team and stakeholders closer to the customer. You can also embed the clip in your Notion document or share it as a public link. 

Betafi works with your favorite tools: Zoom and Miro

We are integrated with both Zoom and Miro to help you enjoy the goodness of Betafi in your favorite tools. Use the Betafi App in your Zoom calls to transform it into a research den. You can take timestamped notes, bring your interview questions and capture ‘Aha’ moments with a click. And bid goodbye to creating stickies one at a time in Miro. Export all your notes from Betafi to Miro with a click. 

Our first-ever launch week has come to an end. We want to give a big shout-out to our early adopters for co-creating Betafi with us in the early days. 

PS: We are opening the ‘Beta’ this Wednesday, September 21st, on Product Hunt. Do show us your love and support here.

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