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July 20, 2022

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Zoom meet Betafi, your user research sidekick

Hey folks,

Hope everyone is having a great July and staying COVID-free (yes it’s rising again). We are excited to share that the magic of Betafi works within the comfort of the Zoom interface.

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Enjoy the goodness of Betafi inside Zoom

We know lots of us use Zoom to do user interviews. But we also know what a hassle it is to keep ‘alt-tabbing’ to take notes on Notion or opening the Google Doc to check if you have covered all the questions.

Betafi transforms your Zoom call into a research den, with the ability to take timestamped notes, tag insights and capture ‘Aha’ moments - all within the Zoom call. You can even bring in your interview guide within the Zoom call.

And the best part - it’s just another Zoom call for your participant.

Enjoy the richness of Betafi after the interview

Post-call, the magic continues as you can visit the Betafi dashboard to review the recording, transcript and your notes to identify insights. You can also export your notes to Miro or CSV with one click to expedite your synthesis process.

Can’t wait to integrate Zoom with Betafi? Here’s how you can do it. If you face any issue or would like to share your feedback, please write to us at hello@betafi.co.

So, don’t wait. Zoom in to create magical products using Betafi.

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