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October 20, 2022

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Our First Public Launch, Embed.ly Integration, and more

Hey folks,

Hope all of you are ready for the upcoming festive season. In the past month, we did our very first public launch on Product Hunt and used the feedback to make Betafi better for you.

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Bulk copy-paste your Interview questions to set up a project faster

Betafi is now integrated with Embed.ly

You can now embed clips of ‘Aha’ moments captured in Betafi to Notion, Miro, FigJam, Webflow, Medium, and lots of other platforms. Learn more here.

Search got even better

  • Search for more than 1 word across all notes, clips, and transcript of a session.
  • The search keyword(s) is highlighted in the results so you can easily spot them.

New keyboard shortcuts make capturing insights faster

  • Add instant tags by pressing 1, 2, 3, …
  • Capture ‘Aha’ moments by pressing m

Download the session video

You can now save a local copy of your session for a quick, easy reference. This feature is available only for our paid customers.

Quick recap of our very first Public Launch on Product Hunt

Before we wrap up our updates, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for co-creating Betafi and helping us make user research a fast, actionable, and joyful process.

The public launch was a big step, but this is just the start. We are going to launch the ‘Takeaways’ module and add more integrations. If you have ideas on which Integration would help you or want to get an early sneak peek at the Takeaways module, drop us a line at hello@betafi.co.

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