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June 7, 2023

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Question Templates to assist your User Feedback Sessions

Hello Betafi Fam,

Thanks for supporting Betafi and helping us become the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt in May.

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We hope that you have had a chance to try out our newest Google Meet integration. We are glad that our approach to integrating Betafi with Zoom, Miro, FigJam, and now Google Meet resonated with you and the wider product community.

Now that you can capture feedback within your Zoom or Meet calls, we want to introduce Templates to help you ask the right questions.

Ready-to-use templates for structured user feedback sessions

Product discovery is an ongoing process. Whether you're in the idea validation stage, beta testing stage, or post-launch, asking the right questions can really help you build right. While setting up projects in Betafi, you can choose an interview question template that matches your goals. We have created templates for the different stages of the product development process (Template library). Here’s how it works.

Over the next few months, we are going to add more templates, so if there are certain scenarios where a question template would be particularly helpful, drop us a line.

Upcoming: A truly immersive product feedback experience

We are working hard to deliver a truly immersive product feedback experience that will allow the user to interact with your product without installing any extension or sharing their screen. We are also working through an enhanced post-session experience. If you want to get early access and co-create these modules with us, please write to us.


Team Betafi

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