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March 30, 2022

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Transform your FigJam board into a user insights powerhouse

Hello Betafi Fam,

Hope you are enjoying the last bit of chill in the air. Excited to share that we have just launched the Betafi FigJam plugin that will make your (Fig)Jam sessions breezy.

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Import notes captured during feedback calls on Betafi to FigJam

There should be an easy way to share the voice of customers across different teams. A number of you shared that you use FigJam to share user feedback with the larger product team but it is a hassle to bring insights captured on Betafi to FigJam.

With the Betafi plugin, you can now import your notes and clips from Betafi sessions to FigJam and then easily review user feedback with your team - without being the master juggler.

Embed mini-video clips into your FigJam board

You can now revisit impactful moments of your conversations while jamming with your team.

We are eager for you to try out the plugin and share your feedback.

Happy (Fig)Jamming

Team Betafi

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