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November 24, 2023

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AI Note Taking is here!

Hey Betafi fam,

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 We're so thankful for all your awesome feedback—it's been a game-changer for us! Pumped to share some cool updates we've made to the Betafi live session experience. Check 'em out!

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Let AI do the detailed note-taking!

We get it—jotting down notes during a intense customer chat is no walk in the park. Good news: we've just rolled out the AI-note taker to lighten your load. It not only captures your notes but also adds tags automatically and neatly organizes them under interview questions. Plus, you get to decide whether to give a thumbs up with 'Accept' or shake your head with 'Reject' if the vibe isn't quite right. Easy peasy!


Real time transcription in the live session experience

We've given the note-taking widget a makeover! We've reorganized elements to make it more user-friendly—say goodbye to the rarely used 'Bold' and 'Italic' features, and welcome a spotlight on Moments, Tags, and Mentions.

Live Transcription is now part of the Betafi experience, adding a layer of context to Moments and the Instant tag feature, making them even more valuable.


Enjoy 50% discount on Pro & Team plans this Cyber Monday

Considering a paid plan? Well, here's a heads-up: From November 24th to 27th, we're offering a 50% discount on Pro & Team plans as part of our Cyber Monday promotion. Just thought you might want to know.

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