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November 16, 2023

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Enhanced Observer Mode, Revamped Project Creation, and Stylish Miro Exports

Hello Betafi Community,

It's been a moment since our last update, and behind the scenes, we've been hard at work refining the Betafi experience. Today, we're thrilled to unveil three significant enhancements, all inspired by your valuable feedback.

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Observers can join the call without creating an account on Betafi

We understand the significance of having team members or clients join user research calls as observers, and we recognize that the process of having them create an account before a session can be labor-intensive.

Now, you can effortlessly share an observer link with your team, allowing them to participate by entering an Observer code without the necessity of creating a Betafi account.

A brand new Project Creation experience

We've streamlined the Project creation process by reducing the number of steps, expediting setup through pre-configured templates, and enhancing the overall user interface. Now, editing your project is more seamless, all on a single page. We would love to hear your feedback and if there are elements that we can further improve on.

Miro Exports got even better!

We heard your feedback that the Miro stickies were cluttered with information. You now have the option to tailor your export by choosing to include or exclude 'Session Name' and 'Creator Name,' ensuring a cleaner and more personalized presentation of your notes in Miro.

Flexible Miro Exports

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