Welcome to the Era of
Immersive Product Feedback

Where your users can experience design prototypes and live websites without any friction.

Can you open this link & share your screen?

Unable to open the link 🤔

System Permissions ughh!!! 😢

Participant screen share disabled... 🤷

⬇️ IT’S 2023. ⬇️

No Screen Share. No Extensions. No Distractions.

No Screen Share Setup.
No Extensions.
No Distractions.

Usability tests that keep
set-up hassles out of sight

Test your Figma prototype on Betafi, tag key usability issues, and invite your team to observe without overwhelming the participant.
Allow your participant to intimately experience the product without the hassle of downloading an extension or manually sharing their screen.
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Websites that  excite.
Demos that  delight.

“It is short, that's good... but cannot understand what you mean by spot trends.”
“Can you suggest how we could improve our Product Hunt listing?“

Test your new website before you launch

Check if customers understand what you are building, how users navigate the website, and whether they understand the important sections to build conviction that you are ready to launch.

Make your demos

Make your demo calls interactive by letting prospects experience your product directly while capturing their feedback. Then, onboard them right on the call, while the iron is hot!
“So what's the next step, how do I set up the product?“
“Let's do it right now. Here's the login screen, we can go through the onboarding steps together.“

If you find yourself asking...

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Betafi has helped us reduce the number of iterations it takes to get a feature right.
Rishabh Srivastava
CEO & Co-founder of Defog.ai
Betafi is helping me cut down 2-3 days of unnecessary busy work for my research projects.
Arnab Bose
Strategist, Plum Insights & Strategy

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Is Betafi’s immersive experience free to use?
Once the immersive usability test study is over, how can I revisit it?
Is there a way to get the meeting transcription?
Is my data secure?