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June 21, 2023

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Welcome to the new era of Immersive Product Feedback

Hello Betafi Fam,

Hope you’re as excited about Config as we are. As we await Figma’s exciting product updates, we wanted to share our next big leap in simplifying the user feedback process.

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Introducing Usability Tests that keep set-up hassles at bay

We have upgraded our Desktop Usability Test offering so that your participant can now intimately experience your product without the hassle of downloading a Chrome extension or sharing their screen.

You will be able to test your prototype, take notes, and observe how participants use your product - all within the video call window without burdening the participant with extra steps. Learn More.

You can also use this module to gather feedback on your new website’s messaging and make your demos exciting, imagine letting users feel your product as you get them onboarded.

Marathi, Khmer, Ukrainian, and new Transcription Languages

We want to help you to build global products for a diverse audience. We already support over 30+ languages for transcription and we have extended transcription support for new languages.

PS: If you are joining Config 2023 or the launch parties in Singapore or Bengaluru, we would love to catch up.

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