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Betafying Betafi: How our struggles with taking notes led us to build ‘Moment’ that bookmarks important moments

Betafying Betafi: How our struggles with taking notes led us to build ‘Moment’ that bookmarks important moments

We strive to build Betafi so our users can conduct engaging one-on-one conversations with their customers to collect timely, valuable feedback. As a founder of an early stage start-up, I conducted plenty of user interviews to ensure we were building Betafi backed by customer insights. As I went into these interviews, I had to juggle between interviewing the user and taking down notes. This was super distracting and I wasn’t able to stay engaged in the conversation. 

As the customer drops truth bombs, I was scrambling trying to note down what they are saying while simultaneously asking them questions. It was also difficult to take notes in a way that represents the customer’s actual pain point. Things may get lost in translation. While you may wonder why I didn’t think of recording the user interview and add notes later, I did have it recorded. But, watching the entire recording to pick out those 3-5 big insights seemed an inefficient way to go about things. 

With user research becoming a necessity, many other founders and smaller design teams are facing this issue as well. This is when it struck me, that there should be a better way to capture those key insights. So, why not capture those magical and insightful moments when you have no time to take notes? What if all I have to do is click a button and capture exactly what the user is saying at that moment? This would be incredibly helpful. This was the birth of our “Moment” feature. 

Moment has made my life easier with user interviews. Instead of scrambling to take notes, I click the ‘Moment’ button on Betafi to capture the important insights and add a tag to build some context. This allows me to be present in the conversation and it has also made post-session analysis much faster. 

Here’s How it Works

Moment captures every word in a particular part of your conversation. Be it user research or usability testing, you can bookmark important parts of the conversation to view them later. Similar to how you bookmark web pages to revisit, you can now bookmark bits of your conversation with moments. No more spending endless hours (sometimes weeks) watching the entire session. 

Moment is really simple and flexible to use. You can decide to use just the moment button, take notes while using the moment, or add a tag based on how much time you’ve got. Using a tag along with the moment was super helpful for our team as it helped synthesize data much faster after the call. 

Even after your session, you can continue to add notes, tag each moment, mark your favorites, and highlight them to prioritize.

The Moment feature in Betafi’s live session experience will help you simplify your research process. You can actively engage your participants to build a strong connection and gather feedback - all at the same time. After the session, review moments instead of watching the entire recording or reading the full transcript. Getting faster insights is now possible with the moment. All it needs is a click. 

Does this sound like something you would benefit from? Hit us up at hello@betafi.com to experience a whole new world of user testing.

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