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Betafi x Miro

Bring user feedback captured on Betafi, Zoom, or Google Meet to Miro with zero manual effort.

Betafi connects Miro with your favorite tools

Enrich your Miro board with user insights

Export user feedback from Betafi to Miro with ease. Save time by eliminating the need to manually organize stickies in Miro as Betafi allows you to export auto-grouped stickies by tags or questions.

Embed the voice of customer into your Miro board

Loved by customer-obsessed teams

Betafi has helped us reduce the number of iterations it takes to get a feature right.
Rishabh Srivastava
CEO & Co-founder of
Betafi is helping me cut down 2-3 days of unnecessary busy work for my research projects.
Arnab Bose
Strategist, Plum Insights & Strategy

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