The new era of Usability Tests: No Extensions. No Screen Shares. No Distractions.
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Usability Testing
on Betafi

Betafi makes it easy for you to test your Figma prototypes and live websites to understand how users perceive your product, the way they use it, and where they struggle so you can build magical products.

Gather usability feedback to fine-tune your user experience

Instantly Tag usability issues

Use predefined tag to mark moments where users struggle or get stuck. @teammates to bring the notable instances of usability gaps to their attention.

Invert the screen sharing experience with Betafi

Share multiple prototypes with your participant with just one click, and put an end to screen share hassles or fumbling with sharing the right prototype links.

Invite teammates to observe usability issues without distracting the participant

Invite team members, clients, and stakeholders to observe the session while maintaining a cozy 1-1 experience with the participant.

Your participants can test your product on the actual intended device

Betafi supports both mobile and desktop prototype workflows, so that user feedback is contextualized to the real target device.

Usability tests that keep
set-up hassles out of sight

Enable participants to experience your product immersively,
without the need to install a browser extension or manually share their screen.

Share insights in the
voice of customer

Create clips of usability issues

Get your team closer to the issues faced by the user, as you can easily clip and share users' moments of joy or struggle with the product.

Export insights from Betafi to Miro

Quickly set up your Miro board before analyzing user feedback with your team by exporting notes from Betafi to Miro with just one click.

Bring user feedback into FigJam

Import your notes auto-grouped by tags to your FigJam board so you can quickly review the design gaps with the team.
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Get answers faster from your usability tests with Betafi

Loved by teams who prefer testing their designs rather their users

Betafi has helped us reduce the number of iterations it takes to get a feature right.
Rishabh Srivastava
CEO & Co-founder of
Betafi is helping me cut down 2-3 days of unnecessary busy work for my research projects.
Arnab Bose
Strategist, Plum Insights & Strategy

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