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User Interviews
on Betafi

Save 50% of the manual effort spent in gathering and synthesizing feedback with the help of one-click note taking, transcription in 30+ languages, and exports to Miro.

Never miss out on capturing important feedback during user conversations

Take timestamped notes within your interview questions

Betafi brings your interview questions into the call so you can stay structured during the meeting.

Instantly tag “Aha” moments

Bookmark impactful moments of your conversations with just one click, and add a tag for more context.

Get all hands on the deck with the Observer mode

Invite your team members to observe the participant without disturbing the conversation.

Tag teammates to share relevant feedback at the right moment

@teammates during the interview to share relevant insights so that they can rewatch the exact moment and act on the feedback.

Share insights in the
voice of customer

Create clips of the key insights

Embed clips in Notion, Slack, and hundreds of other tools to share insights in the voice of the customer to drive alignment in your team.

Export insights from Betafi to Miro

Bid goodbye to creating stickies one-at-a-time by exporting your notes to Miro with one click.

Bring user feedback into FigJam

Import notes auto-grouped by questions or tags to FigJam so you don’t spend time manually organizing the stickies.

Get answers faster from your discovery calls with Betafi

Why teams use Betafi to streamline their user interviews

Betafi has helped us reduce the number of iterations it takes to get a feature right.
Rishabh Srivastava
CEO & Co-founder of
Betafi is helping me cut down 2-3 days of unnecessary busy work for my research projects.
Arnab Bose
Strategist, Plum Insights & Strategy

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