The Ultimate Moderated Usability Testing Tool

Welcome to the New Era of
Immersive Usability Testing

Betafi makes it easy to test Figma prototypes and live websites, capture usability feedback, and identify the critical gaps to deliver magical products.
Betafi - Quickly capture and share key takeaways from any meeting | Product Hunt
SOC 2 Type II Compliant

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Usability tests that keep
set-up hassles out of sight

No Extensions.
No Screen Sharing.

Allow your users to intimately experience your desktop prototypes & websites without installing any browser extension or trigger screen sharing. When the prototype is shared with the participant, it immediately opens on their end, allowing them to start interacting with it.
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Moderated Usability Testing Made Easy

Betafi is the go-to video tool for Usability Testing studies. You can share Figma prototypes, take notes of aha moments, and invite your teammates to observe on one platform.

Betafi Supports (+ any public web link):
Betafi supports Figma including Advanced PrototypesBetafi supports Sketch Cloud public prototype linksBetafi supports InVision Public Prototype LinksBetafi supports ProtoPie Public Prototype Links
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Test mobile prototypes on directly a phone with the Betafi App.
Observer mode to invite your team and stakeholders.
Export your notes & clips to FigJam or Miro.

Instantly share usability insights with your team

After the feedback session, zoom through the recording with timestamped notes and automated transcripts. Create video clips of the usability issues, and export them to Notion, Slack, Miro, or FigJam.
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Simplifying Usability Testing for Customer-Obsessed Teams

Betafi has helped us reduce the number of iterations it takes to get a feature right.
Rishabh Srivastava
CEO & Co-founder of
Betafi is helping me cut down 2-3 days of unnecessary busy work for my research projects.
Arnab Bose
Strategist, Plum Insights & Strategy
With Interview Scripts built in, Betafi removed the friction of asking questions during a User Interview.
Ivy Hayler
Product Designer & UX Researcher, ADDX