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September 19, 2022

Betafi’s first launch week is here
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Betafi’s first launch week is here

When we started Betafi, the goal was simple, to democratize User research. We wanted to make it easy to do user research so that everyone from a stealth mode founder to a small research team to big enterprises could test their ideas and designs without any hassles.

After over a year of building Betafi, we are excited to share that we are opening the Beta on 21st September on Product Hunt. Starting today, we kick-start our launch week where every day we will share one cool feature with you that helps make the user research process joyful.

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September 8, 2022

Quickly go from conversations to action
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Quickly go from conversations to action

Hope you all are enjoying the last bit of summer and sunshine. While the summer fades into fall, the Betafi team is busy prepping for our upcoming Product Hunt launch on September 21st. We cannot thank you all enough for your love, support, and feedback in the early days.

Back to our updates. We continue to improve the synthesis process after the interviews are complete. You can now filter notes across conversations by questions and tags to identify patterns faster.

We have also completed our SOC 2 Type 1 audit!

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July 20, 2022

Enjoy the goodness of Betafi inside a Zoom call
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Zoom meet Betafi, your user research sidekick

Hey folks,

Hope everyone is having a great July and staying COVID-free (yes it’s rising again). We are excited to share that the magic of Betafi works within the comfort of the Zoom interface.

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June 14, 2022

Introducing Video clips and Exports to make your synthesis process joyful with Betafi
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Introducing Video clips and Exports in Betafi

Hey folks,

We know synthesizing is hard and time-consuming. That’s why we have rolled out some exciting new features that will surely make you enjoy the process of identifying insights.

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May 12, 2022

We have upgraded our usability testing capability for mobile. Now you can test your mobile prototypes on mobile to build apps your customers will love.
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Hey folks,

Hope everyone is enjoying the warm summer!

Our team has been feeling the heat too as we have been sweating it out to upgrade our usability testing capability on mobile, to help you test your apps in the right context. Now you can test your mobile apps on mobile to gather accurate usability feedback and build apps your customers will love.

Usability testing, now breezy on mobile

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March 10, 2022

A brand new interface for conducting interviews so you can truly focus on your customer, a smarter way of taking notes, never miss an ‘aha’ moment in the midst of a captivating conversation with moments.
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Hey folks,

Hope everyone had a great start to the year. Over the last couple of months, the Betafi product team has been working hard to give our user interview interface a facelift. With the new UI and a host of new features, you can effortlessly connect with your customers to gather more insights.

A brand new interface for conducting interviews so you can truly focus on your customer

Move to the smarter way of taking notes

Now you can take more structured notes inline with every predefined question from your interview script - so it’s much easier for you to analyze them post-session.

Never miss an ‘aha’ moment in the midst of a captivating conversation

  • The new 'Moments' button makes it easy to bookmark parts of the conversation when you don’t have the a chance to take detailed notes.
  • It is a lifesaver especially when you don’t have an observer to help you with notes.

Meet, greet, and interact using Participant Chat

  • To make it easy for you to communicate with the participant during the live session
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December 23, 2021

Colorful Kanbans, cooler Chrome extension experience, editable note timestamps
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Hey folks, this is our last product update for 2021. We want to thank each and everyone one you for giving us time and valuable feedback throughout the year, and for co-creating the Betafi experience with us.

So, what did we add in December to make the Betafi experience better for you?

#1 Add color to your insights on the Kanban board

#2 Faster screen sharing experience for the participant with the new Chrome extension

#3 Edit timestamps on your notes <> match them to the exact moment you meant to capture in the session video

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November 24, 2021

Organize those insights right after the session, share them with your team
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Hey folks, we are back again to update what we have been up to! It's been a busy month with our new product team's velocity increasing, and we have made big changes to the post session experience.

So, what's new in the world of Betafi since we last caught up?

All-new post session experience:

  • Summary to have an overview of what transpired during the session at one glance.
  • Design refresh: your transcripts will be conveniently grouped by the corresponding interview script questions. Tagging themes and favoriting notes is also a lot more discoverable.
  • Editable transcripts are now generally available
  • Most importantly, you can also @mention your colleagues on specific notes and collaborate as you pick out key insights from the sessions.

New Kanban board to categorize your insights into themes:

We know that you take a lot of notes during the call. We know that you add even more notes once the call is complete, but insights are easier to action when categorized. We have a added a Kanban board capability within the post session flow to organize your insights:

  • You have the ability to create new categories on-the-fly
  • Simply drag and drop notes into categories that best fit your need
  • The same note can also reside in multiple categories if you like to group them along multiple axes.

Share post session insights with a public link:

So you have done the session, taken notes, tagged and categorized those notes. It's natural to want to share these with your team. There is now a public sharing feature, where you can share insights from the call.

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October 19, 2021

New project creation flow, post-session experience, improved transcription, and more, oh my.
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Hey folks, it's been a while (again, oops)! Over the past few months we grew Betafi from 2 cofounders (👋) to a core product team of 7 wonderful folks, and have been investing in building up our team agility so we can ship you more of the features you've been asking for sooner!

So, what's new in the world of Betafi since we last caught up?

Silky Smooth project creation experience, featuring:

  • A step-by-step flow to guide you through the process
  • Invite your colleagues to Betafi right from the project creation flow
  • Inline visual feedback as you add prototype links, interview script questions
  • Simplified drag-and-drop experience for uploading historical session recording videos from other tools.

Delightful Post-Session Experience [in alpha]

Want to try out the new post-session experience? Send us a message at hello@betafi.co, and we'll enable it for your account.

  • Design refresh: your notes and transcripts will be conveniently grouped by the corresponding interview script questions
  • Feel free to edit and search transcripts, add more notes from any time in the transcript
  • Edit notes taken during the call, add tags and mention your teammates
  • Favorite the most important notes and write overall session takeaways
  • Most importantly, collaborate with your teammates as you work to pick out key insights from the sessions, with realtime updates

More accurate transcripts [in alpha]

We know automatic transcripts save you a ton of time writing lengthy notes, and we also appreciate that transcription errors can be frustrating when sharing recordings & key moments with your stakeholders, so we're working to address this on two fronts:

  • We have added the ability to edit transcripts, for those moments when the automatic transcription doesn't quite hit the mark.
  • If the existing transcription functionality consistently doesn't seem to work for you or your participants, do reach out and we can give early access to the improved automatic transcription offering that we are building by integrating with additional providers.
    (This new capability may be especially relevant for users with Indian on Singaporean accents, lah!)
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June 8, 2021

Usability Testing now breezy on mobile
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Wow, it's been a couple of months since our last update, we have been busy building the #1 feature request from the community, and are delighted to share we have now enabled usability testing on mobile.

A whole new mobile usability testing experience

Thanks for hanging in there! We heard you. Capturing the participant feed and screen recording in a remote context can be challenging, so we built Betafi's mobile participant app to make conducting mobile testing remotely a smooth ride.

The experience starts on the desktop, and when it's time, the participant can scan a QR code and continue the experience on mobile. It's that simple. Take a look for yourself!

How to get started using this feature today?

Check the "Is this a mobile project?" box when setting up a new project that includes a link or prototype URL.

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